Unleashing Your Inner Fashionista!

Some are born with fashion in their blood, while others - like most celebrities, have stylists come to their rescue when planning for special events or just to help put their wardrobe together. Do you ever go to bed some time wondering what you'll to wear to work, church, date, party, or even to the park? Yes? --- I've been there, so you know, you're not alone....I'd go in my closet and everything would look so boring and tiring.

So, I asked myself, how can I work with what I already have in my closet? I started viewing entertainment magazines, following redcarpet events, fashion shows, and reality shows to get a sense of what people are wearing. Then, I realized it's not so much about a particular piece.... it's all about the whole picture......accessorizing, mixing and matching, adding colors, and how you carry yourself.

Certainly throwing a scarf around the neck, wearing a pearl necklace, or a belt around the waist takes a look to the next level....definitely not all on one outfit... lol. I know, you know better :-)
When watching celebs, one has to realize that some of their looks are meant for the stage and entertainment....they may not work well on regular basis...

                                      Singer - Rihanna --- Definitely not your everyday look!

In essence, the more you practice, read fashion magazines, or fashion pages of entertainment magazines, the more your sense of fashion is going to evolve....before you know it... you'll be cat-walking!!!
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President Obama & First Lady - Columbus, Ohio

President Obama and the first lady looking absolutely stunning! on stage in Columbus, Ohio yesterday at the re-election campaign kick-off.