Teen Professor of our time

They say; "wonders shall never end"...... In the case of Alia Sabur it is true....and the moment I heard about her story.... I said to myself that she really deserves a spot on my blog.... she is the real celebrity... with brains that is. Alia Sabur is a child genius who started reading at 8 months old....Finished her elementary school at age 5....went off to college at 10....Stony Brook University (by the way, I did 2 semesters at stony brook UNI; who doesn't want to be associated with positive things? :-))....Alia got her BS in Applied Mathematics --summa cum laudeé at the age 14......(at that age, like every other regular person, I was still in high school....trying to memorize the first 20 atomic elements).....Alia Sabur went on to pursue her Masters/PHD in Materials Science and Engineering and earned both at age 18 from Drexel University....She has received several prestigious awards and fellowships from the Department of Defense, NSF, GAANN.
At 19, she is the world's youngest Professor.....This kid is not just academic savvy....but also a musical genius...she has been an orchestra member, chamber artist and soloist since her early teen.
Really, I don't know what's left for this super-human to accomplish at such a young age......It's like she's been setting records from her first cry as a baby....I wonder if she really spent up to a day as baby... I mean ....she's been at the speed of light all her life......Oh well....all I can say is wow! well done...Alia Sabur!


"I Can Boldly Say I am a Very Beautiful AFRICAN woman" ---Tonto Dikeh

Tonto dikeh is one of Nollywood's fastest rising starlet..... This screen goddess has acted in several movies including ; Irreplaceable, Divine Grace 2, Rush Hour, Family Disgrace, Fatal Desire, to name a few.... She has worked with a great number of nollywood veterans and newbies .
Recently, I requested an undiluted interview from her and she was kind enough to take out time out of her busy schedule to grant me this lengthy interview..... I basically wanted to cover all areas.... and I got it all... and then some.....Really, I'm grateful.....

Readers enjoy!

Getting to know you:
Uni : : Who is Tonto Dikeh?
Tonto : : Tonto Dikeh is a native of IKWERE, Rivers State, Port-Harcourt. I am the 3rd of five children, I'm a very simple person by nature, cool headed and i love my privacy a lot....

Uni : : What was your growing up like?
Tonto : : My growing up was really fun for me 'cause I had everything and everyone at my beck and call, my dad was always there for me even though my mom passed away while I was still a baby (3yrs old) he made me feel special and so I didn't really feel her absence much with the help of my step mom life growing up was so fun and sometimes I wish I could just turn back the hands of time to be a child again but I guess that's so impossible.............

Uni : : Tell me about your educational background

Uni : : What do you consider your assets?
Tonto : : I think my eyes and my lips are my strongest assets...

Uni : : Do you think that beautiful girls always have an edge in everything?
Tonto : : Well for me beauty is not all about how you look outwardly alone, it has to do more with your brains and cleanliness and your heart.....I can boldly say I am a very beautiful AFRICAN woman.

Uni : : I read that you were robbed a couple of weeks ago.... I bet it was a terrifying experience. Are you still being haunted by it?
Tonto : : OOOh yes I was robbed and believe me I still have not gotten over it yet, I now have this strong phobia for driving. It's an experience I never want to go through again....

Uni : : What is your relationship status----- I know the guys want to know that... :-)
Tonto : : I am a very single woman but I am in a relationship, you know how these things go, you are never sure until you are sure.....

Acting : :
Uni : : I feel you girl.....:) Okay, let's get into acting.... What inspired you to get into acting?
Tonto : : My inspiration to act came to me at a very young age, I would rather say my inspiration came from within and also from watching people do what I love to do....and also from GOD....

: : How did your parents first react when they heard you were getting into acting?
Tonto : : My father more especially wasn't to happy about it 'cause he thought it was a big derivation from my discipline in school but i did have along talk with him and he understood that my heart was really yearning for it and he let me be with these words ''WHAT EVER YOUR HEART CHOOSES TO GO FOLLOW IT BUT BE RESPONSBILE ABOUT IT''.....
Uni : : While growing up, was acting something you always wanted to do?
Tonto : : Yes I had always wanted to act as a child.....

Uni : : Given an opportunity, what is the first thing you change in Nollywood?
Tonto : : If I were given the opportunity, I will love to give people the chance to show case their different talents in acting and something we really don't do....

Uni : : Do you watch movies you star in?
Tonto : : Of course, yes. I do watch the movies I star in, it helps me pick out my flaws and fix them. I basically learn a lot from them....

Uni : : Do you feel like you've been challenged enough in your movie roles?
Tonto : : I have not really felt challenged enough in movies, but I know I will 'cause our writers are really doing a wonderful job....

Uni : : I see most actors often get stereotypical roles....you just know what do expect from them.... what's your view on that?
Tonto : : Well I really don't think its their fault, its the script they are been given. It basically has to do with the producer, for instance they watch your movie and they are impressed in the role you played there, they all come back to give you a similar role 'cause what they had seen previously was good.....
Uni : : Is there a role you wouldn't portray?
Tonto : : I don't think so, as a thespian I think its my duty to be versatile in my acting....

Uni : : Well said!....In the same light, Are you comfortable with kissing roles?
Tonto : : OOh yes I am very comfortable kissing in movies, not because I like it, but because I love to give my best and portray the character I'm playing.....

Uni : : How do you get your roles? Do you have to audition for roles?
Tonto : : No, I have never been to an audition before, I just get calls and when I get the script I go through them and if its a good one I do it.....

Uni : : Do you easily get along with other actresses/ actors on/off the set?
Tonto : : I am a very free spirited and careful person and so, I do talk and get along with my colleagues at work and off work when its necessary...

Uni : : Are there any Nollywood actors/actresses you look up to or get inspired by their work?
Tonto : : Sadly enough, I don't have anyone I look up to or get inspired by, but I do have a handful of them I admire.

Uni : : What is your next step in advancing your acting career and is there any other job you'd like to venture into?
Tonto : : Yes I do have a lot of things I would like to do but I would not talk about them until am ready to execute them

Uni : : I totally get that... Now, a lot of your colleagues get into scandal quite often.... how do you stay above all that?
Tonto : : I try to stay out of the face of the public always and I am a very conscious person.

Uni : : Are you currently working with an NGO?
Tonto : : Co-incidentally am working on an NGO at the moment....

Uni : : What charity would you like to support and why?
Tonto : : I would love to help the motherless babies because am also a motherless baby but I didn't get to feel all the pains of that because I have a wonderful father and step mom.....

Uni : : What is your definition of beauty and do you think you're beautiful?
Tonto : : I am one of those few people who see beauty differently, for me beauty is not just on the outward. It has to do with both the outward and the inward; beauty is brains and cleanliness, its good manners and composition.... AND YES I AM, A VERY BEAUTY AFRICAN WOMAN.....

Uni : : How would you describe you fashion sense?
Tonto : : I WOULD DESCRIBE MY SENSE OF FASHION AS AVERAGE,I don't really wear the regular clothes, I love clothes with names and simple and very sexy ones...

Uni : : If you are to attend an award show, what is the one item that you must have in your clutch bag?
Tonto : : The one thing I must have in my clutch bag on any outing is MONEY...

Uni : : Good answer... I mean.... Money comes in handy all the time, 'cause you never knew where/when you might find yourself stranded....
Okay moving on..... Are you into Naija fashion?
Tonto : : OOh yes... I am the best fan of 9ja fashion....

Uni : : What do you think about the Nigerian fashion industry?
Tonto : : I think the 9ja fashion is very a good and strong one, for me it gives me the opportunity to express, feel and share my culture...I am really proud of the 9ja fashion industry.....

Uni : : By the way you have a beautiful skin. Do you have any beauty secrets you'd like to share?
Tonto : : Do I really have a beautiful skin? Anyways thanks for the compliment. I do nothing really. I just eat healthy so as to prevent out burst, I eat a lot of vegetables and I also take a lot of water, I don't go to bed with my make-up on and i don't spoil my skin with crème that would bleach my skin.....

Uni : : Oh yes you do.... It's obvious on the pictures and your confidence in the shots..... By the way, are you picky on clothes?
Tonto : : I am a very picky person when it comes with my clothes...


Uni : : When you need to take a break from work and all the hustle, where do you go to relax?
Tonto : : When am away from work I really love to stay at home and chill...

Uni : : What do you like to do for fun?
Tonto : : Fun for me is my privacy, I love to have me time because I am not much of an outgoing person.....

Uni : : Do you like clubbing?
Tonto : : Clubbing is not really my thing but of course i do club occasionally....

Uni : : Do you often get mobbed by fans on the streets and how do you handle crazy fans?
Tonto : : I have been mobbed before by my fans, but I wasn't rude I talked and laughed with them, I mean its only natural that I should expect such.....

Uni : : Any final word to your fans?

Uni : : Thank you beautiful.... for this interview and I wish you success in all your endeavors.

Always stop by and drop your comments @ http://unyiverze.blogspot.com Thank you.


Kate Henshaw-Nuttal , Nkem Owoh ---AMAA's Best Actress, Best Actor

The 2008 African Movie Academy Awards took place on April 26, 2008 in FCT- Abuja, Nigeria.

Kate Henshaw-Nuttal and Nkem Owoh
Kate and Nkem Owoh showing off their much deserved trophies....They beat out Jackie Apea,Genevie Nnaji,Stella Damasus- Aboderin,Rakiya Attah, and Ramsey Noah,Kanayo Kanayo,Saint Obi, Kofi Bucknor,Van Vicker respectively.....and emerged the lead actress/actor winner for their roles in the movie 'Stronger than Pain'.

Steph-Nora and Uche Jombo-----Uche Jombo .....hmmmn that's some guts.... very tempting but beautiful.....and Steph you look great too.

Hollywood Actress Angela Bassett Yep! she was at the AMAa's ....Looking absolutely stunning.... Can't help but hope nollywood can have some real movie colabo with hollywood stars.... i know it will happen soon.

Timi- Winner of last season's West African Idol----Timi is looking like a true gentleman

Nollywood Actors - Bob Manuel , , Zach Orji ----I don't get the gun on Bob-manuel's waist belt and the oufit is way too casual for a prestigeous award show.

Ghananian Actress Jackie Apea with a Fan

AGN's Ejike Asiegbu with Wife and Kanayo Kanayo

Actresses Kate Nuttal and Rita Dominic ----glowing like that stars they are.

Actress Uche Iwuji looking great in gold

Actress Ngozi Nwosu Front view

Ngozi Nwosu -Back view ----You've been warned! Not everyone is cut out for this style...............Next time i'll fine oooo or better still, lock you up! you hear????

Gorgeous actress and Face of L'maj cosmetic Stephanie Okereke---looking great in this off-white gown. She hosted the show along side her colleagues; Ramsey Noah, 'Aki and Paw-paw'

Actors-- 'Aki and Paw-paw'

Photo Credit: Niyi of http://niyitabiti.blogspot.com/


Top Ten Sexiest Women of 2008

Here are the FHM's top 10 sexiest women of '08....in numerical order.....Okay... doesn't seem like curvy women make it to the top ten.....hmmmn, does that mean that curvy ain't sexy enough?

# 1 ---Megan Fox

# 2 ---Jessica Biel

# 3 ---Jessica Alba

# 4 ---Elisha Cuthbert

# 5 ---Hayden Panettiere

#6 ---Scarlet Johansen

# 7 ---Cheryl Cole

# 8 ---Hillary Duff

# 9 ---Angelina Jolie

# 10 ---Keira Knightley


School Is Out For 72 Million Kids

Around the world, 72 million school-age children are not in school. The Education for All Act would commit the United States to investing in a comprehensive strategy to help these children get access to basic education, and break devastating cycles of poverty in the developing world.

I just took action with the ONE Campaign and asked my member of Congress to co-sponsor the Education for All Act. You can too, here:

Thanks for caring...


Lola Omotayo is Pregnant for Peter of P-Square! So Which Artist is Next? + 2Face + Tony Tetuila

Rumours had been flying that former Most Beautfiul Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) Munachi Abi, and Peter of P-square were an item, and Lola Omotayo had been kicked to the side, until recently when Lola showed up with her man locked in her arms to the Soundcity Music Video Awards (SMVA) recently held in Lagos. Well, the gist; which has actually been confirmed by the gist master himself, http://niyitabiti.blogspot.com/ (Niyi Tabiti ) is that Lola is 3 months pregnant. Well, all I can say is congrats! I guess she has eternally locked herself into the P-squre fortune. For the die-hard fans of Peter who dreamed of carrying his first baby, you can officially wake up from your dream.

I am not a huge supporter of out-of-wedlock pregnancies, but I know things happen and you can't judge a man unless you are in his shoes. The only man I could come close to judging is Tuface. As you know, Tu-baba has the habit ( I call it a habit!) of impregnating multiple girls at the same time. He is currently expecting another baby from Annie Marcauley.....but be informed, Pero Adeniyi has already delivered Tubaba's first set of twins (more coming?), Tubaba announced this himself on his facebook page, yup, he's impregnanting and announcing as well. I have lost count of how many kids he has but I guess he's aiming at becoming the next Bob Marley or Fela, but come on! not in 2008, commodity prices are rising! Tuface is simply raising the already bursting population of Nigeria. I wonder what kind of love tuface gives that keeps these ladies so addicted to him. Could it be that they are in love? in lust? in love-with-money? It really couldn't be money because most of these ladies are doing well for themselves. But how do you love someone who's in love? with multiple people? I guess it's a cultural thing because in the part of Nigeria where I come form, polygamy is not very popular and Annie is from my state.......

We should have seen Tuface's multiple impregnating scheme coming though. Remember in his African Queen video, there wasn't one queen, not two but THREE.....so we really had it coming, he was sending us a hidden message that he intends to put as many African girls in the family-way as he can.

My question now is, so who's next? Which artist is the next to casually increase the population of Nigeria. It seems like a pattern, Nigerian girls are trying to stick that claws into this new-found-fame-riches of these artistes. Recently Tony Tetuila denied a pregnancy a girl in London was pinning on him and btw, Tony Tetuila is married but he did not deny having a relationship with the girl.


Did you hear about the hunger crisis?

The world hunger crisis is all over the news this week. In just three years, the price of staple foods like wheat, corn and rice has almost doubled. If we don't do something soon, hundreds of thousands of people face starvation and a hundred million more could fall into extreme poverty.I just took action with the ONE Campaign and you can too,by clicking here: http://www.one.org/hungercrisis?rc=hctaf

All that is required of you is your name and email address to serve as a signature on the petition that ONE members are sending to President Bush. Your signature will definitely add pressure on the president to take action on this issue during this summer's G-8 summit. These impoverished nations need support, they need empowerment through investment in agriculture in their countries.

Just your name and email address will make a difference. I am a member of this wonderful organization and I have signed several other petitions that have helped in the fight to make poverty history.

Want to become a member? visit:: www.one.org


The Force Known as Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is one of the best things that ever happened to the Nigerian economy. This is the woman who cleaned up and made the economy what it is now. A former Minister of Finance in Nigeria, the Harvard Graduate has rejoined World Bank as its Managing Director . Often I wonder if Nigeria would be a better country if more of the leaders were women, well-educated, non-greedy, society-focused women. Women that actually care to bring Nigeria out of its many years of economic gloom rather than try to pass dress-code bills that suggest that girls get raped due to their dressing. Follow this link to read more about the the force known as Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala; such an inspiration to African women. http://seekingalpha.com/article/72219-ngozi-okonjo-iweala-is-brilliant-an-interview-with-world-bank-s-managing-director?source=side_bar_editors_picks


Where is Styl Plus?

Since the release of their debut album,'Expressions', in 2006....and hit singles like, Olufunmi, Runaway,Call my name,and Stay Alive....I've not heard much of the trio... I mean, are they still chasing after Olumfunmi?
The trio need to spit out a new album before they loose their fan base... so many freshmen are hitting the airwaves and if you don't push yourself hard, it's easy to get left behind. Though there are a few awful singers on the air, the majority of the upcoming artistes are pretty good.

Here are the top ten hot songs making waves:

1) Gongo Aso - Nice
2) True Story - Timaya
3) Capable (Remix) - Banky
4) Close to you - Wande Coal + Mo hit all stars
5) Work you out - Banky
6) Naija Sorry - Keno
7) Do me - P-square
8) Timaya - Timaya
9) Fire on the Mountain - Asa
10) Life is Real - Ayo

For the best of Nigerian music visit mytruspot radio @ http://www.mytruspot.com/

Visit http://www.styl-plus.com/ for more on Styl Plus


Missed Miss USA

Don't know which planet I was in, that I never heard about the Miss USA Pageant that took place yesterday. The show was aired live on NBC from the Sin City....Las Vagas, Nevada. Anyway, I missed the live telecast which was hosted by Donny and Marie Osmond.... Nonetheless, I'll get to watch the videos. Miss Texas 2008, Crystle Stewart, eventually won the competition and was crowned Miss USA 2008. Good for you girl... I wish you a successful reign.

Below are some of the contestants, awards and pictures from the show.
Miss USA 2008-----Miss Texas 2008, Crystal Stewart

More about the Queen:
Name: Crystle Stewart
Hometown: Missouri City, TX
Birthday: 9/20/81
College: University of Houston

Charities: Houston Humane Society, Susan G. Komen Foundation, Snowdrop Foundation
Dream Job: Donate my Inside/Out program to worthy international organizations and to work with high-profile celebrities with my organization
Hobbies: Fundraising, mentoring, online research, working with autistic children
Biggest Influence/Role Model: My Sister, Breana Stewart
Favorite Movie: Tombstone

Favorite Song: "One Night Only" from Dreamgirls
Favorite Sport: Ultimate Fighting
Favorite Food: Anything that I don't have to cook myself.

Miss Congeniality----Miss Ohio, Monica Day

Miss Photogenic----Miss Alaska 2008, Courtney Carroll

Here are your Top 5 in no particular order:

Lauren Merola----Miss Pennsylvania 2008

Lindsey Jo Harrington----Miss Oklahoma 2008

Tiffany Andrade----Miss New Jersey 2008

Leah Laviano----Miss Mississippi 2008

Crystle Steward---Miss Texas 2008/Miss USA 2008

For prizes and more juice on the pageant, please visit: http://www.nbc.com/Miss_USA_2008/


Never knew Okada (Motorcycle) Had More Room Space Than a Vehicle

Vietnamese are disturbingly taking Okada riding to the next level....Really, I used to think Naija Okada situation was ridiculous....until I got these images forwarded to me.... Men! this is over the top.........

The pigs underneath are in some serious trouble...they'll probably be dead at the end of the journey.

I would be wiping if I was the person sitting in front.... Look,look,look at her smiling, while he is squeezing the hell out of her.

Sorry fishes... I can feel the heat.

hmmmn... poor chickens, hens and ducks... I guess they are saying; 'help us lord'.

Count with me; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.... on an Okada?
Geeeze! What are they thinking!
speak it on.....


Ashlee Simpson is getting Married

Singer Ashlee Simpson,23, put rumors to rest yesterday when she announced that; she is engaged to her Rocker boyfriend and member of the Fall-out Boy,Pete Wentz,28.

Here is the message the two posted on friendsorenemies.com

"We know there has been a lot of speculation recently about Pete and I and we wanted our fans to be the first to know, because you guys are the best. Yes, we are thrilled to share that we are happily engaged. Thank you for all of your support and well wishes - it means the world to us. We consider this to be a very private matter, but we wanted you to hear it straight from us."

I'm a huge fan of Ashlee and all I have to say is Congrats! I wish them the very best as they take on this journey.....

Wait! are they speculations that she might be preggo... hence the quickie announment? Another Jessica Alba's moment?
Anyway, wouldn't be surprise.... anything goes in hollywood.


My Jewelry Creationz

And Yes! I design jewelries too. I always knew I had some creativity in me......but Jewelry designing? While living in New York, I would go Manhattan to shop for jewelry findings, tools and semi-precious stones for my sister who lives in Abuja-Nigeria. Little did I know that one day, I would be going to shop for jewelry stuff for myself.

Well, during one of my naija trips, I relunctantly watched my sister as she custom-designed some pieces for her clients. She showed me the basics of handcrafted beads jewelry making and told me that the creativity/design part comes from within.... and so, I picked my pen and paper and started sketching my first piece..... then, I measured and cut a stringing wire for the first time and the rest is history....

Got back to NY and started designing and supplying jewelries to some clients and boutiques..... I love the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment I feel each time I successfully put together a piece.... One thing though.... it's too much of back bending (:-)

Since I moved to Tyler, TX I've not been able to do much.... since I have to drive all the way to dallas to get the findings and all the stuff needed.

Here are some of my first pieces:

Swaroswki crystal is my signature.... Most of my pieces are a combination of semi-precious stones and swaroswki crystal.... you won't quite see the luminous effect it creates on the jewelries... but I tell you, they BLING!*****!