Actress-Evangelist Liz Benson and the catch phrase 'God Bless you'

Veteran Nollywood Actress Liz Benson....Nothing wrong with telling someone 'God Bless You', but can saying it too much become irritating to the ears? I mean, not after every sentence....it becomes like a joke and loses its substance... Maybe it's just me.
Article Credit : : e-Punch

Mercy Johnson ---Gets paid to go short

One of nollywood's best actress, Mercy Johnson....she always delivers in my opinion.
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Article courtesy of : e-Punch
unyiverze.blogspot.com : : That's Chic!

Adios----Sonny Okosun

Farewell to Nigerian music Legend and Evangelist, Sonny Okosun, who lost his battle with colon cancer on saturday,05/24/08. The 61 year old died at Howard University Teaching Hospital in Wasgington D.C, USA, where he was receiving treatment. He was a great inspirational singer whose music spoke to issues affecting the state of the nation, a freedom and unity activist....a man of God. Though he is gone,his music and his works will live forever....May his soul rest in peace...Amen!

When tragedy like this happens, it is imperative for everyone to take a moment and get more knowledge about the disease;symptoms,causes,treatment...When we become aware of facts about the disease...only then, can we better take the necessary preventive measures to protect ourselves......In any disease, early detection is key to better treatment and cure. For more info on Colon Cancer visit : : http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/colon-cancer/DS00035


Who is after Ini Edo?

Ini Edo is one of nollywood's talented It Girl....but despite her acting talent, rumors seem to always swell around her....Recently, rumor mill had it that the star actress was arrested in the UK for carrying drugs.
In this article by e-punch, Ini is refuting such allegations.....

Who is trying to tarnish the image of my homegirl?
Where is her lawyer?
Give her a break....please!
By the way, didn't they find a better photo of her? Eye balls looking as if they are about to pop-out...Comm'on! she's prettier than that.
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Oge Okeye----"Chews Gum As If Her Life Depends on It?"

Talented nollywood actress Oge Okeye was caught chewing bubble gum with so much energy and passion during the Star Quest event...I can just imagine the whole picture... I mean, some gums could be so sweet and juicy that you just want to chew the hell out of it.... lol, I do it sometimes... so hey! leave the babe alone... maybe her happiness depends on it...

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Article Credit: :The Punch E-paper


Stella Damasus back on Blogville

Actrice brillante, Stella Damasus-Aboderin has updated her blog...since her Happy new year post. Who can blame her? I mean, the lady is super busy...managing multi-project at the same time...taking care of her children...single-handedly. Look at me? I barely put up a post a week... I only have a job to go to, a husband to come back to and so much idle time to spend. Anyway... I admire strong, beautiful, hardworking, talented women like her..... I don't wanna repeat what is already out there for your reading pleasure....so visit her blog:: stelladamasus.blogspot.com for detailed update of what she's been up to... yeah Wienna .... I know you already went there...lol


Kate Henshaw-Nuttal + Onga Seasoning = Delicious

Way before adorable actress, Kate Henshaw-Nuttal snagged an academy award for best female actress '08...she had an endorsement deal, as Face of Onga Seasoning....product of Promasidor company. The two year contract is said to run through year 2009...this is a strategic move to attract more younger women to use the product. Kate is very likeable....I can see why the chose her and plus she seems like a great cook...y'all know what they say; calabar girls are the best when it comes to cooking...Way to go Onga!

By the way.... visit this link to view more pictures of Kate and her colleagues from the just concluded AMAAs http://www.katehenshawnuttall.com/amaapictures.htm Enjoy!


It's Mother's Day

Mother's Day is pretty self-explanatory...but just in case you're in another planet, It is a day set aside to honor women around the world. Today May 11th, 2008 those of us in the U.S will be celebrating our mothers, mother-inlaw, baby-mama's and what have you. How you choose to celebrate your mother or mother figure in your life is really up to you......but I have some last minutes tips that might be of help to you if you're pondering on what to get or do for mom.
*Flowers---A bouquet of flowers says I Love You... without you saying the words

*Cards---Mom needs to know how much you love and appreciate her

*Gift Card

*Poem----I believe Mom would love to read a hand-written poem about how you feel about her, how special she is to you, what she means to you...and so forth...This is a very personal way of expressing your love and appreciation....It says a lot more because the words are yours and are coming from the depths of you heart.

*Frangrance Set----The scent will linger around her forever

*Spa---Pamper Mom to a spa treatment at a day spa...trust me she'll love it

*Movies---Take her to the movies or get her a ticket to her favorite show

*Music---If she adores a particular artist... you can get her a collection of the artist's Album or CDs

*Food---Take Mom to a classy restaurant, dine, wine and talk about how wonderful she's been...better still, take over the kitchen for the day and let mom have some rest.

*Jewelries---Ring, necklace set...Diamonds,Pearls,Emerald,whatever you can afford

*Fashion---Shoes, Bag, Dress suit, Classy Evening gown,Bathing Robe, Wrist Watch

*Gadgets--Camcorded, Camera,Phone...get her pimped

*Car---Service her existing car, fill-up her tank with gas,If you can afford an upgrade go for it...surprise mom with a brand new car...nothing is too much for her

*House----just like ourselves, mom has one life to live, so let her live it to the fullest...buy her a home, change her furnitures, order house cleaning services, get an interior decorator to transform her existing home...antything you can think of is good enough to make mom, mother-inlaw,baby-mama feel special.
Susan Inokon- My beloved Mother carrying my lil' nephew Ymitoro.
I love you mom...Thank you for all your love, care and sacrifices....I truly appreciate you.

If you can't do much today, tomorrow is another day....everyday should be treated special...It's a second chance to get it right...Make it right for mom...
Happy Mother's day to my mom, mother-inlaw, sisters and all the moms out there.


Fashionz from '08 MET GALA Red Carpet

Beyonce Knowles scored an 'A' in the fabulous Number

Emmy Rossum : :Looking lovely in this black and White gown

Ivanka Trump : : So Elegant!

Thandie Newton : : Not sure about the cape on the lovely chanel mini-dress

Liv Tyler : : Fab in this black #

Blake Lively : :Stunning in black....love,love the black gloves with diamond cuff

Naomi Watt :: Looking like a true star*, that you are.... love the classy look

Mischa Barton : : Girl! I'm just so confused about this gown......is it the colors? or too much going on up there?

Robin Thicke with Wifey

Kristin Davis : : This look is not flattering on girl!

Commedian - Sarah Silverman....I know you don't always take yourself seriously.... but what's up with the fingerless gloves? it took away from the cute poka-dots dress

Sarah Michelle Gellar---Lovely couple

Jennifer Connelly : : Everything is too pointy....not the best look on you

Hillary Duff with Boyfriend Mike Comrie

Julia Roberts : : Beautiful look for sweet Julia

Anna Wintour : : Okay angel...where are you flying to on the Red Carpet?...This is more of a costume than a dress

John Mayer : : looking like a true gentleman ....why are you flying solo...where is Jennifer Aniston?

Janet Jackson with her Boo Jermaine Dupri : : Great job Janet ...you look amazingly gorgeous

George Clooney with girl-pal

Christina Ricci in a Givenchy haute couture: : Hmmmn...this is like wearing a bathing-suit draped with tissue paper to an elegant event.....lol

Mary J Blige : : Fabulous gown and accessories....but the hair?

Molly Sims ::: I think you pulled this look off perfectly....not everyone can

Iman and Hubby

Eva Longoria ::: I love this!

Kimora Lee : :hmmn too much going on here...Not Fab!

Gisele and NFL Boyfriend, Tom Brady

Venus Williams---Great Look

Jennifer Lopez and Hubby Marc Anthony:::Jenny looks great post-baby

Eva Mendes::::You tell me

The Beckhams

katie and Tom Cruise ::: who would have thought orange and blue could look so good together


Nollywood FashionistaZ + Nollywood Sweetheart, Uche Ogbodo on Kissing Roles

These ladies are stepping up big time!
Photo Credit: : The Punch epaper----> Click on Image to enlarge and read the article.

Actress Uche Ogbodo

In a recent interview with Nonye Iwuagwu of Punch Newspaper, actress on the rise, Uche Ogbodo talks about the uneasiness of kissing on screen... in her own words; "I don’t really feel comfortable doing that. I would prefer a movie where I won’t have to kiss all through. It is not fun, not all the time. The person you are kissing may not be your type. You could be acting with somebody who has mouth odour. Normally, you wouldn’t want to kiss that kind of a person. But because you are a professional, because you are doing what you ought to do, then you just have to close your eyes and do it. People watching might think you are having fun, but they don’t know it is horrible".

I feel you girl on the mouth-odor part....I can only imagine how I would react If I were to be playing the kissing roles....but like you rightly said, you have to act professional and go for it.... all these people that criticize you for taking romantic roles are just narrow-minded in my opinion....as an actress/actor one should be able to take on different roles and play them professionally...... most of these people actually enjoy watching those kissing scenes....but since they can't applaud you for it...they should just keep mute and enjoy!