Mobile Technology: Carrying the world on your palms

It's amazing how fast technology has grown..... and it's still growing with great innovations. I am basically writing part of this post from my smart phone: a gift from my darling husband. :)
In the begining, mobile phones were primarily for making calls and sending SMS.
Today, the limits to what one can do with mobile phones are endless. From surfing the web, chatting, texting, watching live tv, listening to music, buying stuff,getting directions, taking pictures and video recording... the list goes on and on.

Mobile technology is literally defining people's live these days, you can't quite leave your home without a phone. Hmmmmn,it's almost as though a part of you is missing.
What's more, mobile phone is not just a necessity, but also a fashion statement. I would be lying if I do not admit that carrying out-dated phone around someone with a much fancier updated smart phone made me feel bad.................
You basically do not want to answer your phone where people are...hahaha I know, 'cause I've done it. That's just the reality of the world we're living in.

Nonetheless, mobile technology has it's downside:
*People are becoming less and less social; less physical interactions with friends and strangers. People are becoming so independent of others, now you don't need to stop by the gas station to ask for direction... the phone does that for you. You're not making new friends in school 'cause you're always on your phone. You loose friends because your texting addiction is incontrollable and annoying....you are on dinner date but can seem to drop your phone for a minute. Breaking-up could not be easier.... just send a text and it's so yesterday.

*You get fired at work for staying on your phone... being less productive at work due to your new addiction: texting and web surfing.

*Spending hundreds of $$$ to stay on top of your game; the average smart phone cost $450 +

Well, let's see where we go from here as technology continues to advance.
Your comments are very welcome... share your story.


Abuja Life and Vicinity

Abuja the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) is strategically located in the center of Nigeria. The capital is endowed with magnificent landscape, rocks, and great architectural structures that breathe life to the city and its surroundings. There are lots of attractions and parks to visit on any given day. The climate in Abuja is considerably very cool at night time and a bit humid during the day; which explains why I am always looking forward to night outings whenever I visit home. Night life is quite exciting in Abuja. There is always something happening; comedy shows, music concert, parties, nice eateries, bars, and clubs.








To be continued..........



I just want to start by saying; thank you Lord for adding another year to my life. You've been really faithful to me in many ways than one. I have a great family; my husband, mom, dad, siblings, nieces, nephews, aunties, uncle and cousins.

I must say that I'm blessed with wonderful inlaws. They've been so caring and nice to me. I really thank God for that because not everyone is fortunate to have that. For my birthday my mother-inlaw surprised me with a beautiful vase of roses, ballon and sweater.. .. that was really touching and sweet. I pray that God will continue to bless her for all her kindness and generosity. Amen.


Night Light and Breast Cancer

Did you know?
Ladies did you know that leaving lights on at night could increase your risk of getting breast cancer? Studies show that women who work nightshift or who are exposed to large amount of nightlite stand a greater risk of getting breastcancer.

There is this hypothesis; that night light interferes with the brain's production of melatonin, a hormone that supresses turmor from developing. Generally, the body secrets melatonin at night.......the level produced drops dramatically in the presence of light, especially lights from computer screen and fluorescence bulb.

Yep..... being a scientist myself, I can see the correlation :).
So, please ladies, take care of yourselves and be health conscious.

  • Turn off your computers at night.
  • Don't sleep with the lights on.
  • Don't be afraid to sleep in the dark....> The angels are always watching over you :)
  • Be careful about working nightshifts.... more pay, could mean more cancer. If you have to, then ask for rotations.

I'll get y'all updated as I get in the know*
Knowledge... ......they say; is power.

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Irritated by Mascara?

Do you hate mascara because it irritates your eyes?
Does your lashes get all browny and clumsy after applying foundation on your face?

If your answer, like mine is 'Yes', then help is here. You know, on many occassions, I find myself in a position, whereby I have to use tissue to get rid of excess foundation from my lashes; only to ruin my make-up. Suddenly, out of frustration and instinct, I tried to use my black eyeliner to darker my lashes after wearing foundation..... Guess what? the result was stunning..... I got a fuller, darker lashes that looked like I just had lash-extensions. Now, the quality of the result depends on how much shading is done with the eyeliner and the quality of eyeline.

For best Result:

  • Line your eye lids with the eyeliner
  • Gently stroke your lashes with the eyeliner
  • Use an eyeliner that is not too soft in texture


Lending Money to a Friend

Lending money to a friend can either strengthen or destroy a relationship. There is absolutely nothing wrong with lending a helping hand to a friend in need; that's why we make friends in the first place. Problem arises when the borrower fails to repay back the money on time or pay at all. One question we have to ask ourselves when lending money is; is the friend borrowing the money, or asking for a favor... with no intention to pay back? Most often than not, it is better to lend a small amount that you can easily let go, than to give out a large sum that may never be recovered... causing the relationship. An important tip to keep in mind when lending money to a friend;

  • Always put an agreement in writing with repayment terms that you both agree to.

  • Have a mediator to negotiate repayment if your friend is not living up to the terms.

  • It is okay to say no. Don't not go hard on yourself if you can't afford or not sure of your friend's reliability.

  • Be cautious when lending money to a friend

Do you have a bad experience with lending money to a friend? Let's hear it.. Post your comments. Thanks and stop by soon.