Nigerian Entertainment Awards(NEA) ---- Photos

The 3rd annual NEA took place on saturday, July 21,2008 at Skirball Performing Arts Center in New York City. The show was hosted by Tatiana from Big Brother Africa. It brought out many famous faces from all over including: Nollywood actor Royale - Olu Jacobs, Actor Ramsey Noah, Francisa Owumi - former housemate from Big Brother Nigeria(BBN) and host of her own talkshow(The Cisca Show), Supermodel Oluchi, Singer Sasha and a host of others. Enjoy the pics::: I will label them later...

Photo 1: Courtesy of Ladybrille.blogspot.com

Atorney,Journalist,Model and Business Owner Uduak Odouk a.k.a Ladybrille

Photo 2: Courtesy of Francisca of BBN

Photo 2: Talkshow Host Francisca Owumi(BBN housemate) and Actor Olu Jacobs

Photo 3: Courtesy of Princess; Princess, Ramsey & Super model, Oluchi Orlandi

Photo 4: Courtesy of Ladybrille.blogspot.com;

Photo 5: Princess, Eugena of ANTM & Elfonnie

Photo 6: Elfonnie Uduak; The brain behind Ladybrille

Photo 7: Princess and Ladybrille

Photo 8,9,10,11 Courtesy: Helen Ekweonu

Photo 9: Comedian Basorge and Helen Ekweonu

Photo 10: Francisca and Helen Ekweonu

Photo 11: Francisa and Tosin Martin


Supermodel Naomi Campbell Pleads Guilty

This friday afternoon in a london court, Naomi Campbell Pleaded Guilty to assaulting two british police officers after an argument broke off in a plane at heathrow airport, london in April. Naomi had complained that her luggage had gone missing at the airport's recently opened Terminal 5 and police escorted her off the aircraft. She is going to be sentenced later....you'll be updated on that as it happens.
Naomi strutting down to her duty post----who models floor mopping better than Naomi?

This is not the first time the supermodel has had a run-in with the law. Last year, Naomi was ordered to attend anger management classes and 5 days of community service ---mopping floors in NYC after throwing a cell phone at her housekeeper during an argument over a pair of jeans...

Well, it's clear that the anger management classes was a waste of time...


Star sightings- Rihanna, Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian + more

Singer,Rihanna in da club sipping on some juice? I just hope it's not Michael Jackson's "jesus juice" she's not yet 21...Officers!check her BAC---Breathalyzer someone? lol

Kim Kardashian and Boyfriend Reggie Bush on their Italian rendezvous ---- Smoochie-smoochiee

Reggie, Kim, Kourtney Kardashian

Singer-Actress Jessica Simpson with NFL player BF Tony Romo --- Jess's Tee-shirt says "Real girls eat meat": definitely sending a message to Tony's ex country music star Carrie Underwood, who is a vegetarian----I say TOUCH DOWN JESSICA----let the game begin

Singer Pink---what's going on here? have you been to the gym lately? look at the belly

Kelly Ripa --- I sense a Bad hair day!- ---I bet her stylist was pulling her scalp so hard that she got angry and stood up...lol

Actress Sienna Miller --- hmmmn Masquerade?

Charlie Sheen -----Blind or what?

Actor Charlie Sheen apologizes for using the N-word on his ex-wife, actress Denise Richards.....Here is a lil transcript of a voicemail, dated 19 April that year, Sheen is shouting: "I hope you rot in f**king hell. You're a piece of s**t, f**king liar... I hope I never f**king talk to you again you f**king c**t. You're a coward and a liar and a f**king n**ger."

What I don't get is: Since when did a white-blonde lady become a N***er? Is Charlie blind? There's no pint of blackness in Denise, so, really what prompted him to categorize her as a nig-kini? I don't get it....someone from a different race should not even be outtering that word...period!
Charlie Sheen

Denise Richards


Star Actress Eucharia Onunobi ---On Being A Role Model

First off, this interview is by Richard Eghaghe of nigeriafilm.com. I don't know what these naija entertainment editors are smoking to be asking actors silly questions straight in their faces. Anyway, read and you tell me what you think.

Question : : How does you appearance like this portray you as a role model?

Eucharia : : Could you tell me how star actresses dress? You tell me the idea of how star actresses dress maybe I will learn from it. If you are talking about Africa and our culture, what are the clothing of Africa if we are really going to talk about it.

They wear jigida and beads on their waist and they leave their boos hanging open? I don’t know if you are talking from an illiterate point of view. I am sorry to say that. When you are talking about a role model, you talk about the content of the brain. The content of your ability and character as well as discipline.

You are not talking about clothing or what you have. When you come close to someone and observe the way he behaves, you will know if you are to take example from them because as long as the person is not a drug addict, the person doesn’t fight or talk stupidly to people outside but talk with reverence and the fear of God, that is what it takes to be a role model. As an actress, I have won seventeen awards and those awards ceremonies were organized by responsible people. If I’m not a role model, those awards will not be given to me.

It’s unheard of that somebody in the show business wearing boubou and tying head tie to an event. It’s about wearing the best fashion because people who made the clothes are fashion designers. They are not mad people, they are not crazy and insane people and I have reason to believe so.

I am wearing a designer’s apparel by Valentino and that is what stars are meant to wear. Star really are born and not made. A secondary school girl can not see me and dress like this because she has not achieve what I have achieved and she certainly cannot afford to buy it.

I am a star actress. When she gets to the level I have attained, that is when she thinks and can afford to dress the way I am dressed.
Eucharia with new Beau
Perhaps, this is the dress in question?

Question : : Do you think any serious man would be attracted to ask for your hand in marriage in an attire like this?

Eucharia : : A woman being attractive. You are not enlightened. If you are enlightened you won’t be asking such question.

I bet you this was the last question...how dare you phrase a question like that? It is one thing to criticize someone's dressing behind their back....it is another when you're trying to get answer in an interview..... This is not the first interview with such a tone..... it's like a trend in that circus....Their questioning tone is always so raw and unprofessional. Eucharia should have landed him a slap....lol....
I'm not quite sure about the dress sha....but I won't say much about it before I get slapped myself...hahaha...but wait o! is she wearing a panty host with an open toe sandals? No...no...no! you don't do that. That's a fashion mishap...and with the humidity in naija.....

My readers could be a tough nut to crack....please leave your comments.....pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

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Ladies Fashion and stuff

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Article Courtesy: E-Punch

It's a Girl----------Jessica Alba

Newlywed hollywood actress Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren are now proud parents of a baby girl, Honor Marie Warren... They welcome their bundle of joy on june 7th, 2008. Jessica and Cash got engaged after it became obvious that she was preggo.... I know it's no longer news, but a trend in and out of hollywood to get married as soon as a baby is to be expected... my question now is; why the rush to tie the knot once a baby is involved? is it for the baby or for love? or does the love-temperature increase between the two as a result of the pregnancy? are they trying to save their image or to "Honor" the baby; hence the name "Honor Marie?
Congrats to Jessica and Cash....I bet you'll save a lot of "cash" for that baby's future... it sure will come in handy as the economy is becoming more wrinkled....oh poor economy....save us lord!

Meanwhile....I'm still counting down to Ashlee Simpson's baby arrival...another instance of baby before engagement/marriage....

Baby Mamas Watch-list:
Angelina-Joie --It sometimes skips my memory that she's still a baby-mama to Brad Pitt
Jamie Lynn Spears

Naija Entertainment Juice - Ini Edo, Muma Gee, Azadus, Styl Plus + more

Singer and Nollywood's actress Muma Gee is never shy of flaunting what her mama gave her......but I don't think the phrase "Less is more" ever ring a bell in her ears.
Actress Ini Edo....fires back at the marketer that claimed in an interview that Ini refused a movie role because she did not want to play a subordinate role under Omotola....Personally, I think that these people just enjoy budding heads together in order to sell their stuff.... that is how they started speculating a feud between Omotola and Genevieve...Now that Ini is peeking.... it's one rumor after another.... It's ridiculous!

Gospel singer, Gloria Doyle.....is she kidding me with that outfit....I'm not God to judge her relationship with God.....but I'm human to question her dressing, especially considering the fact that she sings gospel music.... it is tasteless, unflattering and plain ugly....simply because some outfit is in vogue, does not mean that it's for all body types.

Rolling Dollar reacts

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Images courtesy The Punch E-paper.

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P-Square Videos Courtesy of mytruspot.com


Visit mytruspot.com ::The African Social Music Network for live streaming radio, music chart, videos,Events and More.... You will love it. I promise..... The radio is highly interactive; you can call in and join in the discussion or make a request or shout-out to love ones....These guys are doing a great job bringing Naija music and entertainment to the cyber-world...


And The Winner is ----- Barack Obama

Congratulations to U.S. Senator Barack Obama on winning the Democratic presidential nomination yesterday...June 3rd, 2008. This is greatly significant because he is the first African-American (Black) ever be nominated on a major presidential ticket. Obama has attracted so many people around the WORLD.... young people are becoming more involved in politics than ever before due to his intelligence, judgment, charisma, eloquence, speech-giving skills and the inspiration that he evokes. Even republicans are catching the Obama-fever.....Turning to Obamacans. He has transcended across the diverse fields of race, age, and sex with his message of 'Hope' and 'Change'.

They say, behind every successful man is a woman.... and Barrack's wife, Michelle Obama is really a force to be reckoned with.... she is beautiful, intelligent, hardworking, fashionable, and did I say fashionable? It would be nice to see a 'First Lady' with a chic fashion sense like Mrs Obama .....because other "First women" seem to be dressing so conservative and rigid. Is there a dress code for first ladies or women in politics? I mean a woman should be exciting to look at.... even in suits..... The fact that you're holding a powerful public office does not mean you should dress like a man...does it?

Michelle is a fashionista like myself and therefore, I hereby endorse her as the best dressed and exciting presumptive 'First Lady' of the United States......A breath of fresh-air in the Whitehouse isn't a bad idea after all...check out the photo below....she looks "haute" in every sense of the word.

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