Nollywood Actress - Uche Elendu-Igweanyiba

In an exclusive interview with Aramide Pius of Vanguard's Showtime, Nollywood's sweetheart, Uche Elendu gushes about her marriage, career and more.
Courtesy : Vanguard

How is life and the acting career treating you?

Cool. The acting career is fine as well, although I’ve been on a little break since I got married in February. I traveled. I have not been around; I took some time off to be with my husband because he lives outside the country and I also have to take care of myself.

How is married life treating you?

Well so far so good. I am still very young in marriage but so far so good, no bitter experiences yet. And I hope it goes on like that.

How did you meet your husband?

Funny enough, my husband was a fan of mine. He just kept calling me and all that. At first I was like ‘uhn…’ you know the usual thing. Sometimes, he will call and I will tell my PA to pick the call and tell him that I am busy.

I did not know he was so serious. He saw me on screen and just said this is my wife and so he was bent on seeing me and getting me no matter the situation and I really gave him a tough time, but he was really bent on meeting me at all cost.

One day he actually came to my base in Owerri and that day I was less busy and bored and I said okay come over to my house, let me see who has been calling me and all that.

Then he came and got talking, I found out that he is my kind of person; very interesting, calm and all that. From there we just got hooked up ‘cos we knew we were meant for each other and here we are today.

Precisely when did you get into the acting profession?

I did my first movie in 2001/2002 but after that movie, I left the industry to face my studies squarely. I wrote my final exams and after then, I came back in 2004.

What is the title of the movie?

Fear of the unknown.

How did it feel acting for the first time along side professionals?

I did not really have any stage fright or camera shyness. The experience was really nice because I was working with very accommodating people and with the way I got into acting: it was my friend’s father that produced the movie.

My friend asked me to help her deliver a letter to her father, Larry Koldsweat and I went there and I met him with Olu Jacobs and we got talking and they were like, this girl is going to make a good actress.

They gave me script to read, I read it just like a joke and they said they will give me a role in their movie and incidentally, I was on holidays and I said, well let me just give it a try and I went and I did it well because I was working with very accommodating people like Edith Jane Azu, Olu Jacobs and Francis Agu of blessed memory. It was really a very nice experience and that was why I made up my mind to go into acting fully.

What is one good thing that acting has done to you?

If it wasn’t for acting, do you think I would have found my husband (laughs). Sometimes I just sit down to think about it, you know.

If I was not an actress, would he have found me? But maybe he would have because God says for every woman, there is a man. So that is one good thing that acting has done for me.

Another thing it has done for me is that it has made me realize who I am because with exposure, you get to see a lot of things. If I wasn’t an actress, I probably would not have known that I could handle some certain things because I would not have been exposed to them. It (Acting) has opened a lot of doors for me. Acting is my career and it has done a great deal for me.

What about marriage, what good has it done to you?

Marriage has given me a sense of responsibility. It has made me fulfilled as a woman.

So is your husband romantic?

(Laughs) Well he is. To me, he is. He is just my kind of man.

Who is your kind of man?

My kind of man is gentle, understanding, and tolerant because I have a lot of mood swings. He also has to be God fearing and hard working and my husband is very hardworking. He doesn’t give up, he always get what he wants.

Does he watch your movies?

A whole lot, he does.

How does he react to your sexy roles, when you are kissed or smooched on set?

(Laughs) It is funny because all the while I have not noticed anything different in his reactions when he is watching my movies.

But recently there was this movie I did and I was in some romantic world with a colleague of mine, we were just sitting down watching the movies and we were gisting and laughing and all of a sudden , he was so interested in that part.

I was trying to draw his attention away from the scene but he was so engrossed that all of a sudden he just became quiet and went to his room.

I did not want to talk about it so I did not know if he felt jealous about it that he reacted that way or maybe because there were other people who were probably watching to see his reaction. I really don’t know. My husband is cool with my job.

He loves my job and he doesn’t really have a problem with it.

Have you been faced with any embarrassing situation for playing a particular role in a movie?

I really don’t get embarrassed by my fans because most of the time, I know what to expect from them so I don’t find it embarrassing although, some other person may find it embarrassing.

I can remember one occasion after I did a movie titled ‘Last Occult’ where I played a very occultic witch goddess. Then I was talking with a friend, I was actually kidding with her.

I was telling her that I will deal with her and behold a woman emerged from no where and called her to a private discussion warning her to be very careful with me that I am a very dangerous person.

She told her that I am a goddess of an occult that I could actually harm her that she saw me in the movie that I did and she knows that if I do not have anything to do with occultism, I would not have been able to act that part that well. My friend and I started laughing when she told me, but I did not find it embarrassing because I expect things like that from fans.

How many movies do you have to your credit?

Sincerely I have lost count but I know that I have more than fifty movies to my credit.

When you started out on your acting career, were your parents supportive?

My mom was supportive from the start but my father at the beginning was not very happy about it. When I did my first movie, my mom and I kept it to ourselves. We did not tell my father because he was transferred to Port Harcourt then while we were in Lagos and I begged my mom not to tell him. So I went and shot the movie.

When the movie came out, my dad was at home one day watching TV and he saw its preview and saw somebody like me and he was like, ‘is this my daughter? No, it can’t be’. And because there was no hint; he never suspected anything like that until he saw the big banner in Port Harcourt and he saw my face there.

He called me and asked me if we did any film in our school because he felt I would not leave school for anything.

Then I had to tell him the truth, then he spoke to my mom and he was not happy about it. That was why I had to go off the scene after my first film before returning in 2004. After I finished and he saw that I am becoming successful in what I do, he did not have a choice than to support me and now they are both in support of everything.

What is your view on sexual harassment?

There is sexual harassment in every sector of life. In the banks, corporate world, any where you can think of.

It is there. It does not only happen in Nollywood. I’ve never experienced any although I have been hearing of it.

I don’t also see it working because after sleeping with whoever to get the role and the person is not good enough for the role, nobody will want to throw his or her money away because of some minutes of sexual pleasure.

So whoever is playing a role has to truly merit it. The person has to be able to deliver and sell the movie. Many different people work on a movie; like the director, producer and all that so it will not work because movie making is not a one man thing. I don’t believe in sex for roles; I don’t think it works.


Hope For Cure To Autism - Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

I wrote a few months ago on autism, that it is a respected of no persons. 1 in every 150 American children is affected by this disorder...As at a few months ago there were no clear cause(s) of the autism, but just yesterday 7/10/08, Charlie Gibson of ABC's World News Tonight released a video of a possible cause of the disorder from Harvard researchers...who clearly identified some 'Idle Genes' that are not turned-on, hence the cause of the disorder....with this new discovery, I'm positive that a cure will be found soon....there is nothing like knowing the cause of a problem, without which,one can not find the solution... So, I'm really excited...I'm quite passionate about this because, like I mentioned in my early post on autism, my nephew has the disorder and I know first-hand what it does to every family affected by this....not just the child, but the entire family....so please, hope with me for a cure. Watch the clip from ABC's World News Tonight:

For my previous post on this disorder and more insight on autism, click on this link::http://unyiverze.blogspot.com/2008/03/autism-no-respecter-of-class-or-status.html


Stella Damasus - Letter to FB friends and Fans

If you've been following my blog, you might have seen my blog on Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus-Aboderin having her own blogspot (stelladamasus.blogspot.com), well, I'm sorry to inform you that the blog is no longer in existence as the actress feels that facebook is a more efficient medium of interaction with her fans. This letter is from her fb post dated 7/9/08...So, enjoy and meet her there..

Hi friends,

It has indeed been a while hasn't it? I hope you are all doing great like I am. It feels good to be writing again since i owe so many people replies. I hope you will accept this as an alternative to individual replies whilst i try my best to keep up with reading through them all. You are all very special to me, please always remember that.

Just to inform you officially, i decided to stop blogging as i feel facebook is a better medium to keep you all updated about me, and you can also message me or leave comments on my profile wall or on the group wall. It is more interactive that way. So unfortunately, www.stelladamasus.blogspot.com does not exist anymore, but whilst i work on my website and/or fansite, please feel free to be a part of my world by joining the group, "Friends of Stella Damasus-Aboderin" here on facebook and don't stop sending your suggestions and comments. I love reading them.

Thanks to all those who are reading my column "Thru my eyes" in THE SPECTATOR newspaper. Watch out again this friday, cos i'm gonna be there. For those abroad, once the newspaper's website is up and running, i will let you know, so that you dont miss out on reading it!

Hey! My London/U.K friends and family, i hope you are all coming for "OUT OF AFRICA" live music and comedy with Sammy Okposo on the 26th of July in London. I will be there, and there will be many gospel music artistes and comedians performing too. It is going to be fantabulous, and it will be good to see you all around, so keep your diaries free for that day!

About my TV programme, thanks to all those who have been asking. We have actually finished with the initial stages. All we need now is people who will sponsor so that we can start airing it. Please keep us in your prayers o. We are hoping and believing for the best!

Here's wishing all my July friends a happy birthday, belated and in advance. I wish everyone of you many more happy years. For those of you who celebrated between January and June, my sincere apologies. And from the depth of my heart-happy belated birthday!

Till i write again, have a great weekend ahead and stay blessed.

Lots of love,


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A Very Big Fan of Genevieve - Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson is an excellent Nollywood actress who always delivers her lines and breathes life into the character she is portraying. Though she is a versatile actress that can easily interprete any role, Mercy Johnson is most popular for her daring-romantic roles..... I mean she goes where many of her colleagues are reluctant to go to.... and when she has to do the kissing scenes---she goes all out...and real... not hiding her lips behind the camera like some of them do. In a recent interview written by Funmi Johnson, Mercy praises Genevieve Nnaji as her role model in the movie industry... that is what I call humility and keeping it real, unlike some people that would say that Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie, Juliet Roberts, Halle Berry are their role models; if they were, you would be going all out.....that's how it's done in Hollywood.
Anyway, enjoy the main interview as it appears on Vanguard:

How did you get into the movie industry?

It all started about four years ago when I finished my secondary education. When I didn’t pass my JAMB exam, I got bored and I felt like, okay since I have a flare for acting why not give it a try. While in school, I watched a lot of Genevieve’s movies and I was a very big fan.

So I said to myself, instead of sitting down at home and doing nothing, let me just spend the time on something more tangible, let me do something I have always wanted to do and have a flair for.

I went to a friend of mine who is a script writer, Ray Austin and together we went to the theatre and luckily for me that day Nek Video Links was having an audition. I was asked to read and after reading two days later, I got a lead role for the movie ‘The Maid’ and that was how I started.

So that was the movie that brought you to limelight?

How many movies do you have to your credit since your debut?

Thirty five or forty.

What actually motivated you to go into acting?

As a child, I never had any external influence because I was not a silver spoon kid. But like I always say to people, the greatest push I ever had must have been from Genevieve because when I saw her, I just loved what I saw. Nobody complained about me saying this but that is just the honest truth. I never had any foreign influences, it is just strictly her.

What is it about her that caught your fancy this much?

Everything. The confidence, the lack of stress when acting. I just liked the aura and the manner she carries her roles without any stress, no veins pouring out, she just does it as if it is real.

What is one good thing that stardom has done to you?
The dominant one is that it can get you to anywhere. You can skip queues, it open doors for you and you do things that you ordinarily would not have been able to do.

So what is it that you do not like about stardom?

The most annoying one is the lack of privacy. It is so annoying that sometimes when people call to tell me that they want to be like me, I tell them that they’d better not pray for it. You can not go somewhere without people knowing, you can’t eat what you like and you can’t do anything you want at any time.

It is a little price to pay for what you get but I love my privacy. I wish I have it but I don’t.

Your acts in movies are quite smooth. What extra effort do you put in to improve on your act?

First of all, I will say God and secondly, practice. I love to see my mistakes so I can work on them. I love to learn from people.

The first time I worked with Omotola and Genevieve, I was not acting, I thought I was in a school learning because I found out that I really was not doing much, as in I really have not been doing anything spectacular and I was wondering why people applauded me.

I think my strongest point is that I always want to learn to do something better. I want to watch foreign films, I want to watch my mates and know what they are doing so I can do better than them.
If you have a chance to effect any change in the Nigerian movie industry, what will it be?

A lot of things have got to change. I am an artiste and I know the kind of problems we go through generally.

How do you mean?

When an MD of a company retires, he lives a very good life, when a banker retires, he lives very a good life, but I feel terrible when I see veterans, people that have tried their best to bring smiles on the faces of Nigerians over the years, when they retire.

They grow old and are left abandoned. I run into them and I just can not hold back the tears. If I could change anything, I will change things and make life worth living for some of the retired veterans.

I feel terrible when they are not well taken care of especially now that they need us most.

The issue of sexual harassment is fast growing in all sectors especially Nollywood. Is it true?

I don’t know why people are worried about sex in Nollywood, it exists every where. Nollywood is the hob of celebrities and I think that is why people want to know who is dating who or assaulting who. Sex is not an issue in Nollywood because Nollywood is a growing industry. At a stage, you would not have such problems when you get to a particular level.

But there have been allegations of those who want actresses to sleep with them before they can get roles?

You are an adult, you have the right to date whoever you want to date. I could see a guy now that says ‘come kiss me’, and if I do that, it’s a personal thing. It does not all have to do with ‘come here and have the role,’ it has to do with, ‘I like you, I want to kiss you, come here, come take the kiss’.

When you do it, it is no longer sexual harassment, it becomes greed because greed is what makes you kiss a man with a filthy mouth odour and you just want to kiss him so you could grab the script. That is greed, it is all a personal thing. I don’t know why people call that sexual harassment. It is not.

I know a lot of persons who have been there for about five years just because they won’t date anybody and they feel they are good and want to make it.

Have you been faced with such situation?

I would not say I have been harassed. I would say people see me and like me. They will say ‘let’s date’ and I would tell the person I am not interested but I don’t think it is sexual harassment because nobody has said to me that ‘if you don’t sleep with me, I won’t give you the script.’

If you ask me out and I don’t like you, I will say no. Sometimes I get the script and sometimes I don’t. So it is no longer harassment.

As a ravishing young girl, you must have male advances coming in their numbers, so how do you handle them?

I have them in millions. Over the years, I have learnt that for you to be organised or for you to set a particular standard for yourself, there are some certain things you really have to say no to. You really have to draw the line on certain issues.

People make mistakes and I have had my own share of mistakes too but I have learnt to just always draw the line. Most of them come as fans and may later lead to something else. But if you have to date your fans, you have over a million of them so how many of them are you actually going to date? So I just draw the line and follow my heart. I am not a saint at all but I try to do the right thing.

So who is that special man in your life at the moment?

I don’t have any for now.

But you should.

What if I don’t have?

But you have, so tell us about him.

I am into a relationship with somebody very special

And who is he?

One thing I admire most in my boyfriend is that he is special and he cherishes his privacy. So don’t bother about knowing or meeting him.

Is he in the industry?
Hell no.

Why are you so quick to answer so sharply?

Because he is not now. That is what I mean.

Does he watch your movies?

A whole lot. He is my number one fan.

So how does he cope when he sees you being kissed and smooched in movies?

He gets angry and sometimes when we are watching the movies together, he gets angry and goes close to the T.V set and slaps the face of the person. He complains but he is coping. But he does not like me being kissed on set.

He can stand everything else but not kissing. But when you are dating a man who is jealous, you have to let him know that it’s just a make- believe thing.

I also think it has a lot to do with who you are and how you can draw the line between work and active period. He is a very big encouragement. He watches my movies and complains when I do the wrong thing.

What if some day he says you should make a choice between your job and him, what will be your choice?

I will gladly choose him. If he’s not comfortable with my acting, I would quit.

Can you act nude?

I will rather kiss a toilet seat than play a nude role.

Not even for ten million naira?

Not even for hundred million dollars, no.

Who is Mercy Johnson if I may ask?

Mercy Johnson is just a girl next door, born on August 28th of the 1980s. I’m in my very early twenties. I’m a quiet person who loves to read.

And where is Mercy from?

I am from Kogi State.

Why is your surname Johnson?

I will ask my father why he adopted the name Johnson.


Nigerian Entertainment Awards(NEA) ---- Photos

The 3rd annual NEA took place on saturday, July 21,2008 at Skirball Performing Arts Center in New York City. The show was hosted by Tatiana from Big Brother Africa. It brought out many famous faces from all over including: Nollywood actor Royale - Olu Jacobs, Actor Ramsey Noah, Francisa Owumi - former housemate from Big Brother Nigeria(BBN) and host of her own talkshow(The Cisca Show), Supermodel Oluchi, Singer Sasha and a host of others. Enjoy the pics::: I will label them later...

Photo 1: Courtesy of Ladybrille.blogspot.com

Atorney,Journalist,Model and Business Owner Uduak Odouk a.k.a Ladybrille

Photo 2: Courtesy of Francisca of BBN

Photo 2: Talkshow Host Francisca Owumi(BBN housemate) and Actor Olu Jacobs

Photo 3: Courtesy of Princess; Princess, Ramsey & Super model, Oluchi Orlandi

Photo 4: Courtesy of Ladybrille.blogspot.com;

Photo 5: Princess, Eugena of ANTM & Elfonnie

Photo 6: Elfonnie Uduak; The brain behind Ladybrille

Photo 7: Princess and Ladybrille

Photo 8,9,10,11 Courtesy: Helen Ekweonu

Photo 9: Comedian Basorge and Helen Ekweonu

Photo 10: Francisca and Helen Ekweonu

Photo 11: Francisa and Tosin Martin


Supermodel Naomi Campbell Pleads Guilty

This friday afternoon in a london court, Naomi Campbell Pleaded Guilty to assaulting two british police officers after an argument broke off in a plane at heathrow airport, london in April. Naomi had complained that her luggage had gone missing at the airport's recently opened Terminal 5 and police escorted her off the aircraft. She is going to be sentenced later....you'll be updated on that as it happens.
Naomi strutting down to her duty post----who models floor mopping better than Naomi?

This is not the first time the supermodel has had a run-in with the law. Last year, Naomi was ordered to attend anger management classes and 5 days of community service ---mopping floors in NYC after throwing a cell phone at her housekeeper during an argument over a pair of jeans...

Well, it's clear that the anger management classes was a waste of time...


Star sightings- Rihanna, Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian + more

Singer,Rihanna in da club sipping on some juice? I just hope it's not Michael Jackson's "jesus juice" she's not yet 21...Officers!check her BAC---Breathalyzer someone? lol

Kim Kardashian and Boyfriend Reggie Bush on their Italian rendezvous ---- Smoochie-smoochiee

Reggie, Kim, Kourtney Kardashian

Singer-Actress Jessica Simpson with NFL player BF Tony Romo --- Jess's Tee-shirt says "Real girls eat meat": definitely sending a message to Tony's ex country music star Carrie Underwood, who is a vegetarian----I say TOUCH DOWN JESSICA----let the game begin

Singer Pink---what's going on here? have you been to the gym lately? look at the belly

Kelly Ripa --- I sense a Bad hair day!- ---I bet her stylist was pulling her scalp so hard that she got angry and stood up...lol

Actress Sienna Miller --- hmmmn Masquerade?

Charlie Sheen -----Blind or what?

Actor Charlie Sheen apologizes for using the N-word on his ex-wife, actress Denise Richards.....Here is a lil transcript of a voicemail, dated 19 April that year, Sheen is shouting: "I hope you rot in f**king hell. You're a piece of s**t, f**king liar... I hope I never f**king talk to you again you f**king c**t. You're a coward and a liar and a f**king n**ger."

What I don't get is: Since when did a white-blonde lady become a N***er? Is Charlie blind? There's no pint of blackness in Denise, so, really what prompted him to categorize her as a nig-kini? I don't get it....someone from a different race should not even be outtering that word...period!
Charlie Sheen

Denise Richards


Star Actress Eucharia Onunobi ---On Being A Role Model

First off, this interview is by Richard Eghaghe of nigeriafilm.com. I don't know what these naija entertainment editors are smoking to be asking actors silly questions straight in their faces. Anyway, read and you tell me what you think.

Question : : How does you appearance like this portray you as a role model?

Eucharia : : Could you tell me how star actresses dress? You tell me the idea of how star actresses dress maybe I will learn from it. If you are talking about Africa and our culture, what are the clothing of Africa if we are really going to talk about it.

They wear jigida and beads on their waist and they leave their boos hanging open? I don’t know if you are talking from an illiterate point of view. I am sorry to say that. When you are talking about a role model, you talk about the content of the brain. The content of your ability and character as well as discipline.

You are not talking about clothing or what you have. When you come close to someone and observe the way he behaves, you will know if you are to take example from them because as long as the person is not a drug addict, the person doesn’t fight or talk stupidly to people outside but talk with reverence and the fear of God, that is what it takes to be a role model. As an actress, I have won seventeen awards and those awards ceremonies were organized by responsible people. If I’m not a role model, those awards will not be given to me.

It’s unheard of that somebody in the show business wearing boubou and tying head tie to an event. It’s about wearing the best fashion because people who made the clothes are fashion designers. They are not mad people, they are not crazy and insane people and I have reason to believe so.

I am wearing a designer’s apparel by Valentino and that is what stars are meant to wear. Star really are born and not made. A secondary school girl can not see me and dress like this because she has not achieve what I have achieved and she certainly cannot afford to buy it.

I am a star actress. When she gets to the level I have attained, that is when she thinks and can afford to dress the way I am dressed.
Eucharia with new Beau
Perhaps, this is the dress in question?

Question : : Do you think any serious man would be attracted to ask for your hand in marriage in an attire like this?

Eucharia : : A woman being attractive. You are not enlightened. If you are enlightened you won’t be asking such question.

I bet you this was the last question...how dare you phrase a question like that? It is one thing to criticize someone's dressing behind their back....it is another when you're trying to get answer in an interview..... This is not the first interview with such a tone..... it's like a trend in that circus....Their questioning tone is always so raw and unprofessional. Eucharia should have landed him a slap....lol....
I'm not quite sure about the dress sha....but I won't say much about it before I get slapped myself...hahaha...but wait o! is she wearing a panty host with an open toe sandals? No...no...no! you don't do that. That's a fashion mishap...and with the humidity in naija.....

My readers could be a tough nut to crack....please leave your comments.....pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

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Ladies Fashion and stuff

Click on Image to enlarge and read the article.
Article Courtesy: E-Punch

It's a Girl----------Jessica Alba

Newlywed hollywood actress Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren are now proud parents of a baby girl, Honor Marie Warren... They welcome their bundle of joy on june 7th, 2008. Jessica and Cash got engaged after it became obvious that she was preggo.... I know it's no longer news, but a trend in and out of hollywood to get married as soon as a baby is to be expected... my question now is; why the rush to tie the knot once a baby is involved? is it for the baby or for love? or does the love-temperature increase between the two as a result of the pregnancy? are they trying to save their image or to "Honor" the baby; hence the name "Honor Marie?
Congrats to Jessica and Cash....I bet you'll save a lot of "cash" for that baby's future... it sure will come in handy as the economy is becoming more wrinkled....oh poor economy....save us lord!

Meanwhile....I'm still counting down to Ashlee Simpson's baby arrival...another instance of baby before engagement/marriage....

Baby Mamas Watch-list:
Angelina-Joie --It sometimes skips my memory that she's still a baby-mama to Brad Pitt
Jamie Lynn Spears

Naija Entertainment Juice - Ini Edo, Muma Gee, Azadus, Styl Plus + more

Singer and Nollywood's actress Muma Gee is never shy of flaunting what her mama gave her......but I don't think the phrase "Less is more" ever ring a bell in her ears.
Actress Ini Edo....fires back at the marketer that claimed in an interview that Ini refused a movie role because she did not want to play a subordinate role under Omotola....Personally, I think that these people just enjoy budding heads together in order to sell their stuff.... that is how they started speculating a feud between Omotola and Genevieve...Now that Ini is peeking.... it's one rumor after another.... It's ridiculous!

Gospel singer, Gloria Doyle.....is she kidding me with that outfit....I'm not God to judge her relationship with God.....but I'm human to question her dressing, especially considering the fact that she sings gospel music.... it is tasteless, unflattering and plain ugly....simply because some outfit is in vogue, does not mean that it's for all body types.

Rolling Dollar reacts

Click on image to enlarge and read the articles.....come back and post your comments...
Images courtesy The Punch E-paper.

BTW: : Styl Plus is back with a banging new album.....One of the singles, 'I No Want Trouble' is already making waves in all naija radio and online @ nigerian leading cyber radio station mytruspot.com check it out... Some many great songs to blast this summer.... loving it!

Stay chic!


P-Square Videos Courtesy of mytruspot.com


Visit mytruspot.com ::The African Social Music Network for live streaming radio, music chart, videos,Events and More.... You will love it. I promise..... The radio is highly interactive; you can call in and join in the discussion or make a request or shout-out to love ones....These guys are doing a great job bringing Naija music and entertainment to the cyber-world...


And The Winner is ----- Barack Obama

Congratulations to U.S. Senator Barack Obama on winning the Democratic presidential nomination yesterday...June 3rd, 2008. This is greatly significant because he is the first African-American (Black) ever be nominated on a major presidential ticket. Obama has attracted so many people around the WORLD.... young people are becoming more involved in politics than ever before due to his intelligence, judgment, charisma, eloquence, speech-giving skills and the inspiration that he evokes. Even republicans are catching the Obama-fever.....Turning to Obamacans. He has transcended across the diverse fields of race, age, and sex with his message of 'Hope' and 'Change'.

They say, behind every successful man is a woman.... and Barrack's wife, Michelle Obama is really a force to be reckoned with.... she is beautiful, intelligent, hardworking, fashionable, and did I say fashionable? It would be nice to see a 'First Lady' with a chic fashion sense like Mrs Obama .....because other "First women" seem to be dressing so conservative and rigid. Is there a dress code for first ladies or women in politics? I mean a woman should be exciting to look at.... even in suits..... The fact that you're holding a powerful public office does not mean you should dress like a man...does it?

Michelle is a fashionista like myself and therefore, I hereby endorse her as the best dressed and exciting presumptive 'First Lady' of the United States......A breath of fresh-air in the Whitehouse isn't a bad idea after all...check out the photo below....she looks "haute" in every sense of the word.

BTW, For more Nollywood juice check out my news feeds on the side pane....

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Actress-Evangelist Liz Benson and the catch phrase 'God Bless you'

Veteran Nollywood Actress Liz Benson....Nothing wrong with telling someone 'God Bless You', but can saying it too much become irritating to the ears? I mean, not after every sentence....it becomes like a joke and loses its substance... Maybe it's just me.
Article Credit : : e-Punch

Mercy Johnson ---Gets paid to go short

One of nollywood's best actress, Mercy Johnson....she always delivers in my opinion.
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Article courtesy of : e-Punch
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Adios----Sonny Okosun

Farewell to Nigerian music Legend and Evangelist, Sonny Okosun, who lost his battle with colon cancer on saturday,05/24/08. The 61 year old died at Howard University Teaching Hospital in Wasgington D.C, USA, where he was receiving treatment. He was a great inspirational singer whose music spoke to issues affecting the state of the nation, a freedom and unity activist....a man of God. Though he is gone,his music and his works will live forever....May his soul rest in peace...Amen!

When tragedy like this happens, it is imperative for everyone to take a moment and get more knowledge about the disease;symptoms,causes,treatment...When we become aware of facts about the disease...only then, can we better take the necessary preventive measures to protect ourselves......In any disease, early detection is key to better treatment and cure. For more info on Colon Cancer visit : : http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/colon-cancer/DS00035


Who is after Ini Edo?

Ini Edo is one of nollywood's talented It Girl....but despite her acting talent, rumors seem to always swell around her....Recently, rumor mill had it that the star actress was arrested in the UK for carrying drugs.
In this article by e-punch, Ini is refuting such allegations.....

Who is trying to tarnish the image of my homegirl?
Where is her lawyer?
Give her a break....please!
By the way, didn't they find a better photo of her? Eye balls looking as if they are about to pop-out...Comm'on! she's prettier than that.
Article Credit: : The Punch e-paper---Click on image to enlarge

Oge Okeye----"Chews Gum As If Her Life Depends on It?"

Talented nollywood actress Oge Okeye was caught chewing bubble gum with so much energy and passion during the Star Quest event...I can just imagine the whole picture... I mean, some gums could be so sweet and juicy that you just want to chew the hell out of it.... lol, I do it sometimes... so hey! leave the babe alone... maybe her happiness depends on it...

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Article Credit: :The Punch E-paper


Stella Damasus back on Blogville

Actrice brillante, Stella Damasus-Aboderin has updated her blog...since her Happy new year post. Who can blame her? I mean, the lady is super busy...managing multi-project at the same time...taking care of her children...single-handedly. Look at me? I barely put up a post a week... I only have a job to go to, a husband to come back to and so much idle time to spend. Anyway... I admire strong, beautiful, hardworking, talented women like her..... I don't wanna repeat what is already out there for your reading pleasure....so visit her blog:: stelladamasus.blogspot.com for detailed update of what she's been up to... yeah Wienna .... I know you already went there...lol


Kate Henshaw-Nuttal + Onga Seasoning = Delicious

Way before adorable actress, Kate Henshaw-Nuttal snagged an academy award for best female actress '08...she had an endorsement deal, as Face of Onga Seasoning....product of Promasidor company. The two year contract is said to run through year 2009...this is a strategic move to attract more younger women to use the product. Kate is very likeable....I can see why the chose her and plus she seems like a great cook...y'all know what they say; calabar girls are the best when it comes to cooking...Way to go Onga!

By the way.... visit this link to view more pictures of Kate and her colleagues from the just concluded AMAAs http://www.katehenshawnuttall.com/amaapictures.htm Enjoy!


It's Mother's Day

Mother's Day is pretty self-explanatory...but just in case you're in another planet, It is a day set aside to honor women around the world. Today May 11th, 2008 those of us in the U.S will be celebrating our mothers, mother-inlaw, baby-mama's and what have you. How you choose to celebrate your mother or mother figure in your life is really up to you......but I have some last minutes tips that might be of help to you if you're pondering on what to get or do for mom.
*Flowers---A bouquet of flowers says I Love You... without you saying the words

*Cards---Mom needs to know how much you love and appreciate her

*Gift Card

*Poem----I believe Mom would love to read a hand-written poem about how you feel about her, how special she is to you, what she means to you...and so forth...This is a very personal way of expressing your love and appreciation....It says a lot more because the words are yours and are coming from the depths of you heart.

*Frangrance Set----The scent will linger around her forever

*Spa---Pamper Mom to a spa treatment at a day spa...trust me she'll love it

*Movies---Take her to the movies or get her a ticket to her favorite show

*Music---If she adores a particular artist... you can get her a collection of the artist's Album or CDs

*Food---Take Mom to a classy restaurant, dine, wine and talk about how wonderful she's been...better still, take over the kitchen for the day and let mom have some rest.

*Jewelries---Ring, necklace set...Diamonds,Pearls,Emerald,whatever you can afford

*Fashion---Shoes, Bag, Dress suit, Classy Evening gown,Bathing Robe, Wrist Watch

*Gadgets--Camcorded, Camera,Phone...get her pimped

*Car---Service her existing car, fill-up her tank with gas,If you can afford an upgrade go for it...surprise mom with a brand new car...nothing is too much for her

*House----just like ourselves, mom has one life to live, so let her live it to the fullest...buy her a home, change her furnitures, order house cleaning services, get an interior decorator to transform her existing home...antything you can think of is good enough to make mom, mother-inlaw,baby-mama feel special.
Susan Inokon- My beloved Mother carrying my lil' nephew Ymitoro.
I love you mom...Thank you for all your love, care and sacrifices....I truly appreciate you.

If you can't do much today, tomorrow is another day....everyday should be treated special...It's a second chance to get it right...Make it right for mom...
Happy Mother's day to my mom, mother-inlaw, sisters and all the moms out there.